Symbiosis!!!!!!The interaction between two different organisms living in close physical association, typically to the advantage of both. That is precisely what came to mind while creating this piece in Boisbriand at Rachel Thadal Galerie.

There in that gallery, as the well known painter Rachel Thadal, in unison with nature, the canvas, her paints, her heart, bare hands, sand, and shells, she worked on her tropical and nautical masterpieces…across that table, I sat, mesmerized, and moved to play with the sands as my zip lock bag containing the sponge corals, I had purchased couple years ago in Virginia sat.. A box with driftwood at the corner on my right…I was transported to islands unknown, hearing and feeling the ocean waves, I sat.  The air was magical, her in her corner painting, me across, attempting to consolidate all the tools and materials I had brought with me, certain I was done creating, I felt it, I saw it. I saw those colors, these pieces, this symbiosis!…I pulled the materials near and hesitated…she egged me on…and not long after, this set emerged…the 1st set in the 100 mots, sans mots’ into the woods collection that felt perfect!  I felt for the first time, that I was creating art! I felt fully present, in sync with the magical vibe of that creative environment…I felt like I just crossed that “no return barrier”…I felt with every fiber in my being…that I was meant to create…A portal into my creative being has been opened with this set and I can’t wait to see what it leads me too….

Materials: Sponge Coral


organic, non treated wood


This set includes, the necklace, the bracelet and ring.


“X’otiQ into the woods!!! Mesmerized by the raw beauty of nature, I could not resist  turning these raw, organic, one of a kind gifts of nature into jewels.

Exotic…lightweight and unique..”

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