Flore Loiseau

I’m Flore Loiseau,  owner, designer and maker at X’otiQ.

I have always had a unique and different flair for fashion. So, when faced with the challenges of finding jewelry and accessory pieces that were stylish, fun and unique, I naturally started upcycling, revamping and designing pieces that could reflect my style and personality. The tinkering and experiment with those different found materials birthed X’otiQ!

My designs are testaments of the rich cultural influence my Haitian heritage has on my creativity, my love of everything “art” and my “cancerian” sensibility and connection with nature.

You will find in my pieces, whether they are refurbished, recycled, or created from scratch, my vision of exotic simplicity, beauty, elegance and fun.

By mixing colors, textures, and materials, you will find that the X’otiQ pieces are truly unique.

When looking for unique pieces, I want you to think X’otiQ!

X’otiQ, unique jewelry with an ethnic, rustic, and urban-organic edge.

For your own special X’otiQ piece, please feel free to contact me

Until then, have a blissful X’otiQ day!